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Laying the foundations for your Electronic Patient Record

As a healthcare professional, how are you handling the new policies set out by the Coalition Government and how have the changes to the core structure of the NHS impacted you? Today and tomorrow, the Healthcare Strategy Forum, held at the picturesque Beaumont Estate...

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Warrington NHS Puts Halt on Storage and Archive Pains

Costs savings, the creation of operational efficiencies and improving patient care are common themes across the UK healthcare space. Today, hospitals generate ever increasing volumes of data, all in a bid to help successfully manage patient journeys and improve...

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Part 3 – A Common Problem with PACS Image Archive: Tape

This is part 3 of a 3-part blog series, on overcoming the unique challenges presented in archiving PACS images to tape. In part 1, I provided details on why this is a problem for most hospitals. In part 2, I provided information on how BridgeHead worked with one...

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Part 2 – A Common Problem with PACS Image Archives: Tape

As described in our Part 1 blog entry on this topic, we have become aware that many hospitals are in the position of relying on a single device, often a tape library for their PACS image archive. We have worked with a hospital in the upper Midwest to solve this...

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Part 1 – A Common Problem with PACS Image Archive: Tape

In our work with hospitals using various PACS systems, we’ve become aware of a common situation which can be solved easily and at low cost with BridgeHead to alleviate tape dependencies. What’s the Problem? A PACS receives radiology images in the DICOM format and upon...

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Vendor Neutral Does Not Mean Vendor Compatible

One of the ideals behind a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) is that the data will be in a standards-based format making it available to any application that complies with the DICOM standard. So, in theory, once the data has been migrated from a proprietary archive to a...

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