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A Promising Backup Solution for NHS VistA

By John McCann @johnlmccann Today, we announced an important new product release at BridgeHead Software – the Data Protection Suite for Caché Databases. The reason this product release is so important is because the InterSystems Caché® database is the underlying...

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Enabling Better Deployment of Healthcare EMR Applications

By Bobby Edwards Deployment of a new EMR application is an iterative process that involves customizing the software to a particular hospital’s workflow and procedures. This customization process requires changing the configuration of the application and its embedded...

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The 80:20 Rule for Healthcare Data Management

By Neil Brown, Sales Engineer, BridgeHead Software I have recently taken up a new position working for BridgeHead Software who specialise in data management solutions specifically for the healthcare industry. Until joining BridgeHead, my background has largely been as...

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Spring Cleaning and Healthcare Data Management Part 2

By Brendan O'Leary, Training Development Manager, BridgeHead Software Last month I shared the pain of spring cleaning the home office. I am now able to report back to you on the benefits that resulted that made it all worthwhile. Since the spring clean I have become...

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ROI for an Enterprise Archive

By Tim Kaschinske | @TimKaschinske When selecting any software technology, it’s always important to understand the products return on investment (ROI).  This is especially true for a technology such as an Enterprise Archive, as it has an impact on all areas of the...

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Some Surprising Facts About MEDITECH Recovery

By Kelly Baig @KEHBaig If MEDITECH is your hospital application, then you understand that it is at the center of how much if not most of how your hospital functions. Whether in terms of patient care or payroll, when MEDITECH applications are not available, extreme...

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VNA: Neither Vendor-Neutral nor Archive

by Tony Cotterill @TonyCotterill VNA technology has received much attention in healthcare IT and clinical environments over the last few years. But the definition of what a VNA technology is and the benefits that it can deliver varies widely depending on the vendor,...

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