Laying the Foundations for the Single Patient Record

Data is the lifeblood of any healthcare organization – it underpins care decisions and the smooth running of hospital operations. However, the NHS could never have predicted the massive data volumes it is now required to manage, located in a range of systems spread throughout a hospital. As the NHS embarks on projects such as Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems, paperless/paperlite initiatives and the digitization of medical images across clinical departments, it is vital that data (and the systems on which that data resides) is properly managed and protected – it’s this information that helps to power the single patient record.

Join us in this presentation to look at some of the key areas that need to be explored to ensure that an holistic view of a patient’s information is available to those that need it, when they need it, for the betterment of care delivery, including:

  • how to aggregate data from disparate systems, across geographically dispersed departments/locations, to feed the single patient record
  • how to make data available to those systems/staff, in a timely manner, at the point of care
  • how to ensure patient data is safeguarded and available in the event of corruptions, deletions, outages or larger disasters
  • how to manage data for the long-term in respect of compliance, governance and retention

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