Your VNA Your Way (BridgeHead & Capita)

With the demise of the National PACS Contracts (part of NPfIT), the storage, protection and management of medical images now firmly falls under the remit of NHS Trusts. They now have the responsibility to plan, specify, implement, and manage their PACS environment ensuring the selected solutions are scalable, future proof, as well as easy to integrate with the rest of your hospital environments (other departments and, increasingly, even other hospitals).

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a system that can…

  • Provide clinicians with the right information at the point of care, wherever they are?
  • Manage all your data, not just medical images?
  • Be deployed as a service or a unique hybrid model?
  • Scale up or down as needed?

This webinar recording will help you understand how BridgeHead and Capita are helping healthcare organizations to quickly and cost-effectively meet the challenges of storing, protecting and sharing data within and between hospitals.

Discover how BridgeHead Software can help. Contact us and we’d be delighted to share some ideas.

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