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Problem Solved

  • Consuming storage with no automated tiered management, and no built-in disaster recovery
  • Existing backup approach for MEDITECH took up to six hours a night – with “significant” performance degradation on these 24-hour systems
  • Selected HP 3PAR T400 along with BridgeHead as a certified MEDITECH solution

Why BridgeHead?

  • BridgeHead certified with HP 3PAR for MEDITECH backup and recovery
  • BridgeHead’s use of snapshots in combination with the I/O performance of the HP 3PAR systems was expected to significantly speed up the backup process – and it did, eliminating the performance issue during backup
  • Data replication provides DR as part of the process
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“We’ll have an extremely short backup time with BridgeHead. Then, with the backups being deduplicated by StoreOnce and then replicated to our backup storage systems, we are taking multiple leaps forward in the optimization and stability of our MEDITECH EMR system.”

Gary Paxson

Director of Information Systems, KishHealth System

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