Yale-New Haven Hospital

Hospital Profile

  • Connecticut’s largest medical center
  • A four-hospital system including YNH Hospital, Smilow Cancer Hospital, YNH Children’s Hospital, and YNH Psychiatric Hospital
  • Non-profit
  • 1541 beds
  • Tertiary medical center which receives national and international referrals
  • Uses McKesson Horizon Patient Folders (HPF) along with a wide variety of other hospital applications

Problem Solved

The hospital required a practical method for protecting McKesson Horizon Patient Folder (HPF) data. As with many hospital applications, traditional backup and recovery approaches are not a good fit for HPF’s data structure.

McKesson Horizon Patient Folders (HPF) is an Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS) that captures, indexes, stores and retrieves patient information, using workflow automation to support both the health information management (HIM) department and physicians in the ways they work. At Yale New Haven Hospital, HPF data was rising at such dramatic rates that the hospital was struggling to come up with an alternative to backing up the system on expensive tier-one devices.

Why BridgeHead?

BridgeHead’s archive solution allows hospitals to create policies that identify older, static data on their primary file server platforms and copy or move that content to a centrally managed archive where it is de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted. Furthermore, the archive has built-in self-protection and can be configured to create its own backup without third party software.

Yale-New Haven Hospital Logo

“BridgeHead Software is our ‘go-to’ solution for protecting unique data for any hospital application. For example, we use BridgeHead for our Horizon Patient Folder application because its integrated archive capabilities make it ideal for managing HPF’s millions of small files. BridgeHead protects HPF data quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.”

Jonathon Valente

Manager, Storage & Unix Systems Information Technology Services, Yale-New Haven Health System

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